Moving Guide To London

London gave birth to multitudes of interesting writers and musicians. That’s why it is no wonder that every year,19 million tourists visit it. A historical capital full of breath-taking architecture,both old and new,London is a place that is easy to fall in love with,forever. Regardless of the high cost of living,many still persevere,downsizing their homes to small apartments and flats. All just to remain in the capital.

With that said,before you pack your things and call the moving business,there are a number of things you should know about London’s property market,expenses and entertainment resources.

The bad news is that it’s very pricey and will likely bring your bank account to the floor. The good news? It’s worth it.

Many Londoners Save Money on Rent by Downsizing

Londoners discovered a way to reduce the skyhigh expenses of living in London. This is through downsizing. By living in small flats and/or apartments,they reduce their lease significantly. In case you’ve got additional furniture which no longer fits,place them in self-storage centres for later use. This saves them a great deal of space without items being thrown out.

It is therefore not surprising that the nation with the biggest increase in the self-storage industry in Europe is the UK. Folks utilise self-storage units not just to store their belongings but to store company supplies and goods to use these units as alternative offices.

At this moment,the micro-flats fad in London is increasing in popularity,and while you can earn a micro flat work for you,there are still a few things which you can’t possibly store in 19 square meters.

Free Museums

London might be costly,but fortunately,the majority of the big museums are in fact free. If you are into biology as well as the human body,then you can check out deformed skeletons and dissected animals at the Hunterian Museum. There are dozens of museums that may picque your interest.

Your Kids Won’t Get Bored

London is a kid-friendly city. The majority of these actions available for kids are free. Take them to the place where Harry Potter started: at the Platform 9 ¾! Give them a taste of the magical journey with King’s Cross that delivers wizards at Hogwarts.

You can spend the afternoon on a pirate boat at Diana,Princess of Wales,Memorial Playground. Your kids can even try and become pirates on Captain Hook’s boat for a day. There are also plenty of free parks and playgrounds that you can visit.

Locating Rent Could Be Difficult

While there are still a few great,cheap places to live in London,the majority of them get leased within hours. Do not let this discourage you nor should you rush in giving away an initial deposit without visiting the location with your own eyes. You can save yourself a great deal of money by renting away from the centre. Regrettably,London is very pricey for budding,young professionals that do not have disposable income.

If you’re short on budget,try out Liverpool or Birmingham instead. Based on Numbeo,consumer prices in London are 29.31percent greater than in Liverpool.

It’s Impossible Not to Locate Your Crowd

The official language in London,obviously is English. However,there are over 100 languages that are spoken in London. This means that various cultures dominate many of its neighbourhoods. 40 percent of the Londong population are ethnic minorities.

So regardless of where you come from,there’ll always be a little neighbourhood in this city which will make you feel at home.

Faculties on a Budget

If your dream is to study in London,you do not have to fear that it will be a financial disaster. There are cheap options if what you want is an education in London. The University of the People,for example,is a volunteer-based university with no tuition fee needed to enroll. While there are still some fees needed to be paid,this is considerably less than the standard bachelor’s degree. There are two courses for now,however. Business Management and Computer Science are the only two courses available but new subjects will be added later on.

Excellent Public Transportation

Driving in London is a nightmare. With overpopulation comes the painstaking problem of traffic. However,public transportation like the tube or buses will get you to your preferred destination for just a few pounds. On the other hand,cycling and walking are popular in London. This not only saves hundreds of pounds but also enhances your total wellbeing and health.

Green Parks

The town has multiple green spaces where you can relax,have a stroll,and admire the wildlife. In some parks,you may also find deer running around. Some parks also have tennis courts,skateparks,football facilities,outside chess boards and playgrounds for children.


Some say that the only way to get to know the real London would be to dive to the pub culture. If you are looking for an authentic English experience,London pubs are the place to be. London is filled with traditional pubs that date back from the 16th century.

The Grenadier,for example,comes with a bizarre story of a ghost and money. Ask any local and they will tell you the legend of a soldier who was killed after cheating in a game of cards. His only way to redemption is for the living to donate money and cover his journey across.

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